The camel drivers

March 22, 2014 4 comments

The camel drivers

These “ships of the desert” are still ridden in Jordan, with this image taken at the fabulous UNESCO World Heritage site of Petra. This earlier post shows some of the traditional cave homes of the Bedouin at Petra.

Adopt a shelter pet!

March 15, 2014 14 comments

I love animals, and over the years have had both dogs and cats. Currently I have three adorable cats, Khensu, Azgard and Xerxes – down from four at the beginning of this year, when my lovely little old lady cat, Nyxie, passed away.

I’m fortunate that I can combine my passion for animals and photography by doing pet portraits. Also, I help out at a local cat shelter, and for the last two years donated my time to design and photograph the shelter’s fundraising calendar. Here are the main images from the 2014 calendar, which I thought I’d share with followers on my personal photo blog. Thanks to Linda MacManus who did the text.

If you are thinking about getting a pet, I would really encourage everyone to take a look at your local shelter first before heading off to the pet store, because there are always abandoned animals looking for a new ‘forever home’. Animal shelters all around the world rely on donations and keen volunteers – an earlier blog post featured the great work being done by a group of passionate animal lovers in Split, Croatia.

Lawrence of Arabia’s tree

March 8, 2014 11 comments

Lawrence of Arabia

This lonely tree is in the spectacular Wadi Rum, Jordan: location for much of the filming of the 1962 classic, Lawrence of Arabia, and the real T.E. Lawrence passed through Wadi Rum many times. Our Bedouin guide – pictured in this earlier post, photographing the desert sunset – was happy, for a small fee, to show us ‘special’ filming spots!


February 24, 2014 3 comments

Within (Typewriter)Within (Grassman)Within (Foliage)

Keeping with the iPhone theme of my last blog post, today I took these Hipstamatic double exposures of my awesome lighting assistant Simon, while I was waiting for a corporate portrait client to arrive. Within a short time of uploading them to Facebook, I found that one of them had been featured on the HipstaChallenge Facebook site. Thanks to Samuel at HipstaChallenge for the title: ‘Within’.

Down at the seashore

February 22, 2014 1 comment

Petone Beach

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an iPhone image. I took this shot earlier this week using the cool Polamatic app, on the warmest evening of summer so far, down at my local beach. The beach is only five minutes walk away from where we live, and featured in this earlier blog post.

The church on the island

February 8, 2014 13 comments

Lake Bled

Like the Church of the Good Shepherd in New Zealand, the Assumption of Mary Pilgrimage Church on the tiny island in Lake Bled, Slovenia, has had countless photos taken of it. But there is nothing quite like being at some of these iconic places yourself and capturing your own version. The typical images of this magical spot are in bright saturated colour, so I decided to give this grainy monochrome treatment a try instead. I hope you like it.

My Day Job …

January 18, 2014 13 comments

Owen and Rachel

Happy 2014 and thanks so much to all my wonderful followers! I simply cannot believe that I have just passed 1500 followers! So if any of you are wondering why I haven’t been as good at liking and commenting on all of your amazing blogs and posts, then that’s my feeble excuse! I simply can’t keep up! :-)

I’ve had a few commenters ask me what images I like to take for my professional work. I’m mainly a wedding photographer, but also love doing pet portraits (as you can probably guess from some of the images on this site), and I do some commercial work as well. So I thought I’d post here on my personal blog one of my more popular wedding images: popular enough that it was pointed out to me a number of other wedding photographers around the world had downloaded it and posted it on their own websites, implying it was their own work! Which was a lesson to me to make sure I always put a copyright watermark on my posted images after that …

If you are interested, you can find my professional blog link here, and I’m always happy to have more likes on my business’s facebook page too ;-)


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